On-Call Piloting

Turbo Flight Professionals is here to help you find experienced professional pilots and flight crew members that have been specifically trained and seasoned to fly your aircraft. We ensure all flight crew have a confirmed safety record and a passion to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Piloting Services:

  • Contract Piloting
  • On-demand Piloting
  • International Flights
  • Safety Piloting
  • Flight Instruction
  • Required Crew Member / Second In Command
  • Ferry Flights
  • Maintenance / Test Flights
  • Aircraft Deliveries
  • Bank Repossessions

Our professionals have flown government officials, leading entertainers, business executives, and private individuals with an emphasis on safety, discretion, decorum, and client comfort. Contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance.


Our Address:
56-850 Higgins Drive
Thermal, CA 92274
Hours of Operation:
By Appointment Only

Mission Statement

"Turbo Flight Professionals is driven by the desire and commitment to help our clients achieve success in their business and aviation needs. We strive to do this everyday by providing safe, efficient, and cost effective professional aviation solutions that meet and exceed our client's expectations.”

- Sean Cullen, CEO