Turbo Flight Professionals is here to help you find experienced professional pilots and flight crew members that have been specifically trained and seasoned to fly your aircraft. We ensure all flight crew have a confirmed safety record and a passion to provide exceptional service to our customers.
Whether you are a first time aircraft buyer or looking to upgrade your aviation asset, our experienced sales staff will find the perfect aviation solution for your needs.

Our Aviation Staff will assist you by:

• Analyzing your Mission
• Locating the “Best Value” Aircraft
• Negotiating all details of the Acquisition
• Ensuring your Interests are Protected
We offer a turnkey program where we take care of all the day-to-day responsibility and management of your aircraft.

Aircraft ownership is a great responsibility that requires a lot of time and effort. Purchasing the plane is the easy portion of ownership. There are many other things to be considered such as:

  • FAA regulations
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Time limit on certain parts
  • Numerous inspections that are required by law
  • Finding and hiring professional pilots and crew
  • Filing proper flight plans for each trip
  • Finding licensed mechanics
  • Housing the plane when not in use
  • Fuel and parts procurement.

All of these requirements can be handled by Turbo Flight Professionals, taking away the headaches of aircraft ownership and putting the joy back into flying.
Turbo Flight Professionals is well positioned to meet the needs of aircraft owners and their crew. Our company has contracts and pre-negotiated pricing with multiple hangar and aircraft storage providers across Southern California. This added benefit, when choosing to store your aircraft through our company, allows you to save a great deal of time and money versus dealing with the FBO directly.
Turbo Flight Professionals will maintain your aircraft to strict FAA standards. Our maintenance professionals are highly experienced  A&P mechanics who are committed to perform top quality maintenance. We utilize state of the art computerized maintenance tracking systems to effectively maintain and manage the aircraft in a safe, timely and efficient manner.
Need a luxury car waiting on the ramp to pick you up when you arrive, how about a gourmet meal on board during your flight, or even first class hotel accommodations arranged before you land? No problem!
Experience all of the freedom of private jet travel without the commitment of ownership. You don't have to fly often to travel well. Our convenient on-demand charter brokerage services enable you to experience jet travel at its finest while paying on a flight-by-flight basis


Our Address:
56-850 Higgins Drive
Thermal, CA 92274
Hours of Operation:
By Appointment Only

Mission Statement

"Turbo Flight Professionals is driven by the desire and commitment to help our clients achieve success in their business and aviation needs. We strive to do this everyday by providing safe, efficient, and cost effective professional aviation solutions that meet and exceed our client's expectations.”

- Sean Cullen, CEO